Choose from 4 different mattress types

Open spring mattress

Open Spring

Open spring mattresses provide you with great support and fantastic value. With large, hour-glass shapes springs, they offer varying degrees of firmness, depending on the springs’ thickness.

Pocketed spring mattress

Pocketed Sprung Mattress

Ideal if you and your sleeping partner are different weights, a pocketed spring mattress gives you the highest levels of independent posture support. A luxurious upholstered finish adds superb comfort

Memory foam mattress

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses react to heat and pressure to mould perfectly to your body shape and support your entire weight, relieving pressure on your joints for a fantastic night’s sleep.

Latex and foam mattress

Latex and Foam

Ideal for anyone susceptible to asthma or allergies, these mattresses self air and never need turning. Combine with a spring, padded, slatted or adjustable base, depending on your preferred firmness.